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My friendly terms & conditions

If you choose to visit the website (hereinafter referred to as the site) and access the services provided through it, you assume your full knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The owner of the site is Cu Substrat Advertising Media SRL, email (hereinafter referred to as “the Consultant”).

Users are all people who access the site for viewing and to benefit from the services provided through the site. The consultant is the person who ensures the provision of services through the site and who has the professional competence necessary to provide the services.

1. General presentation

1.1 is a site through which the Consultant provides users consultancy services based on Tarot cards. The Tarot is a map of the client's potential, described in as much detail as possible by the consultant, who will provide a visual interpretation of the Tarot cards. There is no promise or guarantee that certain things will happen in a certain way, but only the possibility that they will be helped to happen or, on the contrary, to be avoided by the client, if they are unwanted. The more details the client provides, the more accurate the reading will be.

1.2 Please note that the services you can access through the site are not medical, legal or psychiatric services. We do not intend to substitute medical care for the physical and mental integrity of users.

The Consultant does not assume any responsibility, in any case, for the result of the services provided on this site, and users cannot hold the Consultant liable for damages of a patrimonial or moral nature suffered because of accessing the site and/or Tarot sessions.

1.3 Tarot sessions are also provided by a master’s degree consultant with proper training in the field, who at the same time assumes and demands from users the maintenance of an adequate professional relationship. Consequently, the consultant has the right to immediately terminate any Tarot session, without refunding the user the money received for that session, if the user does not respect the limits of professional collaboration, respectively, shows a mocking, cynical, ironic attitude, verbally aggressive, has a licentious language, resorts to threats, harassment, exposes nudity, or other similar attitudes.

1.4 The Consultant is not responsible for damage to users' computers or for viruses that could infect the user's computer or other equipment because of accessing, using or browsing the site or downloading any content, information, materials, data, text, images, video or audio on the site.

This disclaimer applies to any damage or injury caused by any underperformance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access to, modification, or use of the record, either for breach of contract, harmful conduct, negligence, or based on any cause of action.

1.5 The site can only be used for viewing, creating an account, accessing a personal account, accessing existing services on the site, for evaluating and recommending the Consultant’s services. The site cannot be used to make any illegal, fraudulent payment, to post or transmit any material with defamatory, threatening, obscene, indecent, instigating content. The Consultant reserves the right not to allow posting and/or to delete immediately and without prior notice, any comments on the site that contain inappropriate language, serious typing errors or that could damage the Consultant’s image and/or that creates a state of discomfort for the Consultant, advisors or clients and visitors.

1.6 The site can only be used by people over the age of 18 on the date of creation of the access account on the site, regardless of nationality, religion, sexual orientation. The Consultant does not knowingly allow people under the age of 18 to create accounts that allow access to the services provided on the site.

The services provided through the site are not available to minors even though their guardian or legal representative. Any access to the site by minors directly or through guardians/legal representatives is done at their own risk. The Consultant does not allow the creation of accounts on the site by minors and reserves the right to immediately delete accounts that the Consultant suspects to belong to minors.

1.7 In order to access the services provided through the site, you must create a personal account on the site, following the steps required to create the account available on the site. You are required to provide the required information and to complete all fields appropriately, completely and correctly, as specified in the identity document.

1.8 The account can be accessed based on an access password, which only you know. You are fully responsible for keeping your password secure. Please note that by disclosing your account access password to others, you risk giving them access to your personal information, and the Consultant assumes no responsibility for such interference. Also, any public posting related to the counseling sessions on the site will be at your own risk.

1.9 We cannot guarantee the discontinuous and uninterrupted use of the site. Errors, defects, viruses, or other harmful behavior may occur on the site or on servers that make it unavailable. The Consultant will take all measures to limit and eliminate such unpleasant events as soon as possible. You may not interfere with the operation of our site or take any action against our computer equipment, for any reason whatsoever and regardless of the result obtained.

1.10 The Consultant reserves the right to terminate or restrict any person's access to the site at any time without prior notice and without liability in the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions or ineffective relations between the Parties through the site.

1.11 The Consultant has the right to use for advertising purposes and not only any comments written publicly by visitors or users registered on the site. Keep in mind that when you choose to make a public post on the site, it can be seen by anyone accessing the site.

1.12 The information provided by the consultant during sessions does not substitute professional medical (physical, psychiatric or psychological), legal or financial advice. The final decision always belongs to the client and the consultant is not responsible for any outcome.


2. Accessing the services on the site

Accessing the services presented on the site is done by creating a user account on the site, according to the information available on the site, or, if you do not want to create an account, by simply accessing the button corresponding to the desired service, on the main page of the site. followed by the complete steps indicated on the site.

You must provide the required data correctly and fully. You must provide a valid email address. You are fully responsible for keeping your password and any registration, authentication, and account information secure. You are fully responsible for any transactions and/or payments made from your account using the site.

The services are provided at the date and time agreed with the Consultant. Tarot sessions are scheduled through the dedicated section on the site. If you have difficulty with the scheduling or you did not receive the written report in the specified timeframe, you can contact us using the contact information on the site.

You are fully responsible for the information you provide to the Consultant, both in terms of its reality and veracity and in terms of its complexity, accuracy and relevance to the provision of the requested service.


3. Payments

The price for each service requested through the site is the one displayed on the site, corresponding to the service you want to purchase.

The provision of the service is conditioned by the payment in advance, according to the payment instructions that will be displayed to you automatically. If payment is not made (in whole or in part) you will not have access to the selected services on our site. Payment can be done by following the payment steps and payment instructions provided when making the payment.

Online payment can be made through the Stripe, Inc. payment processor with your personal or company card, in complete security. Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the logos VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro if they have CVV2/ CVC2 code).

No additional transaction fees are charged. Card data processing is done exclusively on Stripe, Inc. servers. The security of your information is guaranteed by the fact that Stripe, Inc. does not store the confidential data of your card, but sends it encrypted over a secure connection to the processor bank. This way your information is secure. Regardless of the currency, you have in your account, the transactions are made in USD, at the exchange rate of your bank. For payment by card, the transaction will appear on the account statement with the name Cu substrat Advertising Media.

The Consultant is not responsible for incorrectly processing your payment. The Consultant is not responsible for any errors made through the payment system, including but not limited to the losses you may have incurred using the card payment system.

In case of face-to-face meetings, if you cancel the meeting more than 48 hours before the scheduled meeting, the card transaction may be canceled. After canceling a card transaction, the issuing bank will unlock the blocked amount in the customer's account within 1-30 days, depending on its policy.

We will not refund the price paid for the services if the Consultant is put in a position to stop the tarot session due to the reasons set out in point 1.3 of these Terms and Conditions.

Also, the payments that are made through the site, strictly for the payment of the services that the Consultant provides, are made in secure conditions, according to the security policies implemented by the providers of this service Stripe, Inc. as it may be seen here:

Delivery methods for physical products sent by courier: by courier, in maximum 48 hours processing time + 15 days maximum delivery time, made by FedEX company. Only a refund will be paid, the shipping price is not included in the price of the product (shipping will be paid by the recipient).

4. Right to withdrawal

Contracts are exempted from the right of withdrawal, after the full provision of services, if the execution began with the prior express consent of the client and after he has confirmed that he has taken note of the fact that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the full execution of the contract by the Consultant.

5. Settlement of complaints

Any dissatisfaction related to accessing, using, registering on the site (if applicable), accessing a service, the time you received a response to requests after paying the related costs, payment issues or other such administrative issues will be communicated directly by email at

Your dissatisfaction will be recorded, and you will receive a written reply to the email address mentioned on notifying us of your dissatisfaction within 30 days.

You have an obligation not to make your dissatisfaction public (on social networks, the media, discussions at private parties or in any other way) subject to the damage caused by the image damage caused to the Consultant by these actions.

Any complaint shall be filed within a maximum of one month from the date of notification of the claimed situation.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

The content of this site, including but not limited to the logo, stylized representations, symbols, images, photographs, text content, information, structure, program materials, know-how, content, structure, program administration and others similar, are the property of exclusive right of the Consultant. No part of this content may be copied, distributed, published, modified, supplemented, used, displayed, included, linked to, transmitted, removed, unmarked, photographed, imagined, scanned, displayed, sold, etc. found on the site without the express written permission of the Consultant.

No user acquires, by using and accessing the site, any right or license to use any of the information on the site. No user has the right to use any automatic or manual device to monitor the materials available on the site.

In addition to that, the Consultant owns the title (including, without limitation to copyright and other intellectual property rights) over the concept, name, content of the Tarotwist project, texts, photographs, recordings, videos and all rights to use and disclose the ideas, concepts, know-how, methods, techniques, processes and their adaptations during the course of its activity.

7. Processing of personal data

For details on the processing of personal data, the identity of the controller and the like, see the "Data Protection Policy" section of the website.

8. Confidentiality

The advisor undertakes, both during the Tarot session on the site and for an indefinite period after this date, not to transmit to other individuals or legal entities the data and information that he became aware of during the sessions.

All documents and information provided through the site are considered strictly confidential, including but not limited to data, personal data of users, data and information on health, family status, employment, partnership, religious choices, sexual orientation and any other information provided by the User during the Tarot sessions.

Confidential information may be provided in any form, material or otherwise, including but not limited to written documents, electronic documents, verbal communications.

The Consultant undertakes not to use, disclose, or discuss such information with or in the presence of third parties, nor to transmit to any public sources, without the consent of the user under his own name or under any pseudonym any material relating to users, the activity and in connection with the projects of the users of the site.

Failure by the Consultant to comply with the confidentiality clause entails his obligation to pay full compensation for any damage thus caused.

Confidential information shall not include details that the party which has disclosed it can prove, amicably or in court, that:

♣ held them, without the obligation to maintain confidentiality, before they were disclosed to him by the contractual partner;

♣ have been legally obtained or created independently, in circumstances other than this Agreement;

♣ at the date of disclosure were already public, from sources other than the beneficiary of the confidential information, or become public later, for reasons other than the fault of the contractual partner.

9. Advertising

The site may contain links or other types of content (own name or paid advertising on behalf of third parties) related to sites, products or services provided by third parties. The Consultant assumes no responsibility for the content of these links.

10. Applicable law

The contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the current laws. Any misunderstanding between the Consultant and the users of the site regarding the reports arising from the establishment of the reports on the site will be resolved amicably, and in case of failure, will be submitted to the competent courts.

11. Final provisions

This site is owned by Cu Substrat Advertising Media SRL, which gives you the right to access and use the site subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, by posting the updated version on the site, and you are required to read the Terms and Conditions whenever you access the site. You are required to comply exactly with the Terms and Conditions on the site and you may not claim or defend yourself in ignorance of the Terms and Conditions on the site, valid at the time of accessing, using and/or conducting the courses on the Site.

The Consultant reserves the right to prohibit/restrict/delete any vulgar or inappropriate comments on the site, any image, registration or posting, regardless of form, and the right to delete, without notice, the account of any user who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions on the site in the updated form.


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