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Ethics code


My close friends know this about me – when I’m committed to something, I take it very seriously.

When it comes to my Tarot sessions (and pretty much everything else, for that matter), I believe that no encounter is a coincidence and that we are here to uplift each other and learn something about ourselves in the process. Therefore, I treat my clients with the respect and responsibility they deserve.

Therefore, I have a few rules that guide my practice, as follows:

  1. I will not contact people under different justifications in order to get them to pay me for a session. I frequently receive messages myself on social media that sound like this: „my/your ancestors guided me to contact you. I must do a reading that will reveal great things to you about your destiny/twin flame.” Or „I’m an ordained IFA priestess, I get directed to specific people online to reveal their setback and help them cast away.” These are just scams to get your money. 
    If I ever contact someone myself for a reading, I will definitely do it for free (and not because my ancestors told me so!).

  2. I will not hold the session if I don’t feel well that day (hard lesson I learned during my poker playing years – never play when you’re tired, sad or sick!). I want you to get the maximum out of your session, soi f I’m not 100% present, I prefer giving it a bit of time.

  3. I always deliver the message as it is. Being honest at all times is my policy in life. However, my goal is not to scare my clients (many scammers have this technique, in order to get people to pay for more sessions), so I always try to be as diplomatic as possible, while keeping the message clear. My final goal is to empower and uplift the people I encounter, not to give them additional anxiety and stress.

  4. There are companies that charge money for Tarot sessions over the phone or internet and charge by the minute. Some of them will specifically drag the conversation in order to keep you on as much as possible. No need to say it – but these are scams. I have a fixed price per session and you can always check it on the website before purchasing the product.

  5. I will not do Tarot sessions that involve giving information on how to harm other people.

  6. All the information that the clients give me before, during or after the Tarot sessions is strictly confidential.

  7. I make every effort to deliver information so that my clients may make the best possible decisions. Nevertheless, I inform my clients that the information I provide during sessions does not substitute professional medical (physical, psychiatric or psychological), legal or financial advice. The final decision always belongs to them.

  8. I read for every client with the same amount of respect and attention, no matter their age, sex, sexual orientation, education or religion.

  9. I serve the best interests of my clients, to the best of my ability, without causing intentional harm.

  10. I reserve the right to refuse any session that falls out of my professional comfort zone.

  11. I do not do Tarot sessions for people under the age of 18.


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